frequently asked questions

Below are general rules and guidelines established for all cast members of the Venice Effect Senior Guard.  


  • Come to all rehearsal and performances with a positive attitude
  • Attend all rehearsals and performances
  • Continued care and maintenance of assigned equipment
  • Arrive on time to all designated rehearsals, performances and events
  • Come to rehearsal and performances prepared; including having rehearsal space prepared for rehearsal
  • Learn and perfect the work given to you in the show
  • Treat staff and other cast members with respect
  • Uphold the policies stated in the Cast Member Handbook
  • Carry oneself in a professional manner while in public representing Venice Effect Senior Guard
  • Take an active role in personal development and performance responsibilities

The Venice Effect Senior Guard cast members are required to perform on the following dates.  Only with an exception from the Director can a member be absent without removal from the group. Dates may increase as the season schedule grows.

  • Four Midwest Color Guard Circuit sanctioned competitions (dates to be determined)
  • Midwest Color Guard Circuit Championships (date to be determined)

Each cast member is responsible for payment of dues.   Dues are currently $500 per tour season.

Each cast member is required to pay for their own uniform costs as well as purchase and maintain their own weapon.  (Fundraising opportunities may be available to alleviate some uniform costs)

Fundraising is driven by cast members and not organized by the Directors of Venice Effect Senior Guard.  Fundraising helps to pay for costs that are additional fees for cast members, (i.e. uniforms).    

Venice Effect Senior Guard is designed for performers over the age of 23 who desire to continue the color guard journey beyond the traditional youthful years of competitive performance.  

It is expected that cast members work on the skill base during the summer camps and on their own time.  During the season, cast members will be responsible to master the simultaneous responsibilities of equipment work, drill and movement. Once the season begins, limited rehearsal time is available for cast members to perfect their individual skills.  

Our schedule is set to maximize our short time together and accomplish certain goals each rehearsal.

Attendance at all scheduled rehearsals is mandatory.  It is at these rehearsals that we learn and perfect our show, and rely on participation from all cast members to achieve our performance goals.

Attendance at competition, exhibitions and other public performances is mandatory.
If a cast member misses a scheduled rehearsal before a performance, the decision to have the cast member perform will be at the discretion of the director.

“On Time” Policy
 The Venice Effect Senior Guard is a weekend-only activity.  We depend on all members to be present for all events, especially rehearsals and performances.  Please be prepared to arrive at each function at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time so we may begin “on time”.

It is the cast member's responsibility to secure transportation to all Guard practices, performances and meeting locations. A complete schedule of these events will be provided as it becomes available.

It is the cast member's responsibility to incur all costs associated with individual travel needs, including but not limited to, transportation, hotel, food, and any other incidentals that individuals may incur.

The Venice Effect Senior Guard maintains liability insurance coverage over its personal property. Cast members are responsible for their own medical insurance coverage, the guard does not provide this type of insurance coverage nor does its policy supplement any coverage the member may have. Any ambulance, medical, hospital or clinic services required by a member as a result of an injury or illness will be the member's responsibility. A copy of your current insurance card must be provided to the Venice Effect Senior Guard along with your medical release form.

The guard focus is not only performance driven, but to create an environment of growth and learning for our cast members.

To accomplish this goal, the staff members have assigned individuals who will be serving the guard in different facets.  We would like to avoid having differing opinions on the basic skill set.  There are several ways of doing things, but we want everyone “on the same page”.  This issue has been thoroughly discussed within the staff and the section leaders.  Please defer to their knowledge on basic skill technique.

All cast members of Venice Effect Senior Guard should expect critique during the season.  The staff will strive to offer critique in a positive, educational approach, but that is not always possible.   It is the responsibility of the cast member to understand critique is an essential part of color guard and to willing accept critique.  It is also the responsibility of the cast member to take the critique given and incorporate the changes necessarily in improving.  Demeaning or rude comments are unacceptable behavior.

Venice Effect Senior Guard provides flagpoles, practice silks and performance silks for each member.

Each cast member who desires to train and/or perform on rifle and sabre are required to purchase and maintain his or her own equipment.  Please see specifications below:

King Rifle, 39”, black strap, silver bolt (

The King Sabre; 39” – product number: KS2-39 (

Gloves will be required for all cast members utilizing weapons.  We like the Ever Dri Fingerless Guard Glove (